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About Us

People are the most amazing, complicated, dynamic and important piece in the business puzzle – and that will never change. Some people are content with the job, others seek challenges of a career – a long term commitment to growing and improving in a stimulating environment.
Justhireonline is committed to empowering each of our customers through cost effective, strategic IT Solutions that improve efficiency and add value to their businesses. We maintain a clear focus on deploying adept technologies in a timely manner, and developing innovative ways to use technology in an ever-changing IT marketplace.

Who we are

  • During years of experience as IT Staffing & Consulting Company, we have developed a comprehensive view of how Staffing adds the greatest sustained value to the organizations it operates in, now and in future. JHO combines the highest standards of professional competence with the closet alignment to your organization goals, to deliver sustained performance.
  • With so much at stake, hiring right people is not the only critical human resource decision you’ll make. Equally important is ensuring that each employees skills are being adequately matched and used within each position; that you have put right people in the right places to serve your goals best.
  • JHO is here to help you through the entire hiring cycle starting with understanding your IT staffing requirements. We help you in sourcing the highly skilled, experienced resources. We help you to cultivate a staff that is talented, productive and dedicated.

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 Permanent Staffing  Contract Staffing  Offshore Staffing  Screening resumes  Conducting technical In-depth interviews  Verifying references  Video Assessments  Campus Hiring  Train and Hire module  Onboarding

Institutional Financial services

Investment Banking 

  • KYC (Onboarding, Remediation & Documentation
  • Mutual Funds
  • Hedge Funds -
  • Syndicated Loans - RTB & CTB 
  • Operations and Functions

Expertize in hiring operation staff 0-15 years - Support Function hiring: - Talent acquisition , - Talent transformation (Training) - Quality & Risk and Compliance - Business Efficiency - HR operations - Pre Sales, Finance & Marketing

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  • Posting Jobs
  • Referral Job Postings 
  • Assessment and Fitment
  • Job Marketing 
  • Video Profiling 
  • Voice Marketing 
  • Searching ProfilesSMS Marketing 
  • Web Analysis 
  • Verifying references Screening Resumes
  • Database Cleaning


  • Quality 
  • Customer Focus 
  • Innovation

Justhireonline.com (JHO) is also a job board available over the internet and is a portal that links interviewers, candidates and consultants through a hosted online solution.  Creating a platform that paves the way for greater efficiency in the hiring process, justhireonline.com brings speed, convenience and effectiveness to both hiring managers and candidates alike. 
Based on this broad base of information on the candidate, the hiring manager can quickly determine if the individual may be the right "fit" for the organization and warrant the time and expense of a personal interview.
For qualified job seekers, the platform offers a candidate the flexibility to apply for jobs and keep his professional information updated at all times.

Organizational success – fitting it right

The success of any organization continues to be based on age-old wisdom. Hire the right people for the right job. In today’s changing economic climate, talent acquisition has evolved into a fine art – one that determines a company’s chances of meeting its goals and realizing its vision.
Qualified people with the right skill sets and experience are in short supply; those that are available are being wooed by multiple organizations, making it imperative for companies, no matter what their size, to look for new ways to top the talent wars and ensure that they find and bring on board the talent needed to meet their organizational challenges.
Justhireonline.com also specializes in video based talent acquisition. The scope of talent acquisition has also gone global, which increases the costs of sourcing, attracting and hiring the right candidates. This problem has increasingly been finding answers in video based talent acquisition.
How does video based talent acquisition work?  
While there are lots of strategies and existing practices to help organizations find talent, video based acquisition tools provide comprehensive competency models that help identify key talent, track and manage sources of quality hires, and to seek feedback on the candidate experience in order to continue to improve it.
Some key points to consider when looking at the efficiency of this method of hiring include:

  1. Planning ahead and getting in touch with desired prospects even if there are no current vacancies. This ongoing sourcing and networking makes the organization top of mind for the candidates.
  2. Cost savings are significant considering that time and travel can be avoided in the early rounds of interviews.
  3. Interviews can be conducted by a group of people that can assess the candidate’s “fit” from different perspectives.
  4. Interviews are on record, not necessitating the interviewer to rely on his notes or memory in following sessions or when a vacancy appears.
  5. For hiring managers and candidates alike, the process is more efficient, giving them the opportunity to connect and then decide if it is in their respective interests to take it further.
  6. While the recordings are made available only to the organization, it is completely confidential, enabling a candidate desiring a change to do so without conflict.


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